Valentin Viezens

Valentin Viezens is a structural engineer, after and during his bachelor studies he worked at several engineering offices designing buildings and structural details. He also worked at TH Nueremberg University of Applied Sciences as a teaching assistant for structural analysis and e-Learning. In the lab of computer science and structural engineering at the department of civil engineering he gained some experiences with experimental testing, 3D-Printing methods and measurement techniques for detecting strain and stress. His passion is solving structural and architetural design problems for timber and steel construction purposes. He also likes coding in Python/C/C#/swift and Java to develop apps for Windows iOS and Android. Actually he works as a researcher developing a C#-Plugin for Rhino Grasshopper to solve different problems on generic created timber structures at the TU Kaiserslautern department of architecture. In his opinion timber is a great material and in future it’s going to become more and more important to build sustainabale and attractive structures made of wood.