Architecture Studio SS2018

15.06.2018 Kaiserslautern: This spring semester, DTC students developed proposals for a summer pavilion to be built on the campus of the faculty of architecture at TU Kaiserslautern. The designs were inspired by natural and built structures, as well as new technological developments such as digital fabrication, engineered wood products and physics based design methods.

DH1 2018 Pavilion, Marian Buchheiser

A special thanks goes to our guest critics and invited DTC expert lecture speakers: Koki Akiyoshi (VUILD, University of Tokyo), Miro Bannwart (Student at ICD ITECH), Prof. Dr. Volker Helm (FH Dortmund) and Max Annen (Annen Holzbau S.A.)

DH1 Pavilion 2018, Lucas Berrsche, Benedikt Blumenröder, Tom Forster, Sabrina Funk, Sarah Lutgen, Anna Specchio

DTC Students
Ayushi Upadhyay, Benedikt Blumenröder, Lucas Berrsche, Fabrice Iradukunda, Anna Hugot, Jakob Schulz, Timm Julian Lengert, Johanna Huber, Jorge David Garcia Correa, Lisa Struppek, Luca Michels, Loredana Calella, Moritz Brucker, Marian Buchheiser, Massimiliano Puma, Manuel Scheib, Philip Becker, Pascal Lange, Sabrina Funk, Sascha Ritschel, Allper Sefer, Sarah Lutgen, Anna Specchio, Sören Rathgeber, Anna Stephani, Tom Forster, Antonia Wern