Conference Co-Chair of RCA18

27.-28.9.2018, TU Kaiserslautern: / As part of the DFG funded RCA2018 | International Conference on cross-disciplinary research in architecture, the DTC group co-chaired the conference and moderated two paper sessions on Digital Timber Construction and Robotics in Timber Construction, with presentations from leading research universities and institutions including ICD Universität Stuttgart, Gramazio & Kohler Research ETH Zurich, Structural Exploration Lab EPFL SXL and Uni Kassel.

The sessions focused on innovative timber construction using digital methods for their design, analysis and fabrication. The presentations range from research and practice, across the disciplines of architecture, engineering and computer science.

  • Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler: Cooperative Robotic Fabrication of Timber Dowel Assemblies. Gramazio & Kohler Research ETH Zürich

Topics range from design concepts, over innovative joining solutions, software developments, fabrication tools and techniques, to prototypes and built structures. Located at one of Europes largest forests, the faculty of architecture at TU Kaiserslautern and its Science T-Lab research group are specialised in timber construction, including a new 5-axis CNC center which has opened in 2018. Selected papers will be published in a scientific publication, together with articles from our keynote speakers. Please find more information on the event at the RCA2018 website:

Keynote Speakers:

  • Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, RWTH
  • Margitta Buchert, LUH
  • Christian Derix, Superspace
  • Michael Hensel AHO
  • Caitlin Müller, MIT
  • Eike Roswag-Klinge, TU Berlin

Session B3: Digital Timber Construction – Chair: Christopher Robeller

  • Jan Brütting, Julieta Moradei, Corentin Fivet, Aliz Fischer and Nick Sherrow-Groves: Reconsidering Traditional Timber Joinery for Sustainable Structures, Structural Xploration Lab EPFL SXL.
  • Miro Bannwart: The Gravitational Pavilion – Simplified Node Complexity, ICD Universitat Stuttgart
  • Dominga Garufi, Hans Jakob Wagner, Tobias Schwinn, Dylan Wood, Simon Bechert and Achim Menges: Fibrous Timber Joints for Lightweight Segmented Hybrid Timber Shells, ICD Universitat Stuttgart
  • Dennis Röver, Jürgen Graf: Densified Veneer Wood Reinforced Timber Joints, TU Kaiserslautern

Session B4: Robotics in Timber Construction – Chair: Christopher Robeller

  • Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Oliver Bucklin, Dylan Wood and Achim Menges: Towards Distributed in Situ Robotic Timber Construction
  • Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler: Cooperative Robotic Fabrication of Timber Dowel Assemblies, Gramazio Kohler Research ETH Zurich.
  • Benedikt Wannemacher and Philipp Eversmann: Intuitive Path Planning for Robotic Timber Beam Assembly, Universitat Kassel
  • Bahar Al Bahar, Abel Groenewolt, Oliver Krieg and Achim Menges: Bending-Active Lamination for Spatial Timber Structures: Robotically Fabricated Components with Continuous Fibre Alignment, ICD Universität Stuttgart