Architecture Studio SS2019

09.07.2019, Landau: The DTC architecture studio students presented their proposals for the project “Lunette 41 – Musée en Plein Air” at the “Museum und Archiv Landau”. The projects, plans and models will be exhibited until the 9th of August, including a survey for the public to add their comments and suggestions.

Dario Smigulan, Philipp Latzko, DTC Architecture Studio SS19 “Lunette41”
Dario Smigulan, Philipp Latzko, DTC Architecture Studio SS19 “Lunette41”

The “Festungsbauverein Landau – les amis de Vauban e.V.” is an initiative of over 400 citizens from Landau and the surrounding area. Since 2011, they have been pursuing the goal of strengthening citizens’ identities with Landau, the fortress and its region.

Under the title “Digital Timber Construction” and organised by Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller, ten students developed concepts for the future museum use of the Lunette 41 and its role as an independent structure in the cityscape, with the help of a protective wooden roof construction. The design requirement was to use the regionally available chestnut wood as a construction material.

Tobias Kübler, DTC Architecture Studio SS19 “Lunette41”

DTC Students
Janine Croissant, Mohamad Etaki, Samantha Kratz, Tobias Kübler, Philipp Latzko, Dario Smigulan, Martin Müller, Wolfgang Bunk, Hannah Schwaab, Stefanie Weber

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