Architecture Studio WS1920

04.02.2020, Landau: This fall semester, our students of the DTC architecture studio at TU Kaiserslautern developed concepts for the project “Ecolab Eusserthal”, a new building for the EERES research team of our partner Universität Koblenz Landau. Located in a remote valley in one of Europe’s largest forests, the EERES research lab is doing research around the ecology of small bodies of water.

Tobias Kübler, DTC Project Ecolab WS1920
Tobias Kübler, DTC Project Ecolab, WS1920

Next to their existing laboratory building, the students made proposals for a new structure built from timber, while using local wood species as well as utilising digital tools for the site survey, project planning and fabrication technology.

Dario Smigulan and Phillipp Latzko, DTC project Ecolab WS1920
Dario Smigulan and Phillipp Latzko, DTC Project Ecolab, WS1920

The project started with lectures and exercises for the design of advanced timber buildings, such as a zollinger type structure. We visited the site, talked to the EERES team about their tasks and requirements and created a 3D scan of the existing buildings and terrain using a drone.

Left: Maed Asfour and Mohammed Etaki, right: Loiy Qwasmi, DTC Project Ecolab

As part of the architecture studio, we organised a one day mini-symposium where we invited experts to lecture about “future materials and technologies in architecture”. Andreas Thoma visited us from ETH Zurich / NCCR dfab and showed their research on high-tech timber structures and robotic production processes.

Left: Mareike Lorch, right: Rozelin Güner, DTC Project Ecolab WS1920

Hannsjoerg Pohlmeyer from the “Holzbaucluster Rheinland-Pfalz” gave a lecture on the history and architectural uses of hardwoods, together with Ulrike Abel from the forestry department of Haardt, who talked about the specific types of hardwoods in their forest and their challenges and possibilities in the wake of climate change.

Left to right: Anna Jacoby, Kim Zimmermann, Luca Michels, DTC Project Ecolab WS1920

The final presentations were kindly organised by our friends of the EERES team at the University of Landau, where we were joined by many guests from local, regional and state politics as well as representatives of both TU Kaiserslautern and the University of Koblenz-Landau. A big thanks to the whole team, to all of our supporters and to everyone who joined us for the final presentations!

Thanks to our mini-symposium guest lecturers:
Ulrike Abel (Forstamt Haardt), Hannsjörg Pohlmeyer (Holzbaucluster Rheinland-Pfalz), Andreas Thoma (ETH Zürich / NCCR dfab)

And to all of our supporters:
Dr. Tanja Joschko, Lara Luisa Petschik, Prof. Ralf Schulz (EERES Universität Landau), Forstamt Haardt, Ulrike Abel, Holzbaucluster Rheinland-Pfalz, Werner Theis, Staatssekretär Dr. Thomas Griese, Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie, Ernährung und Forsten MUEEF Rheinland-Pfalz.

DTC students:
Selina Jasmin Burgun, Rozelin Güner, Tobias Kübler, Phillip Latzko, Anna Kristina Jacoby, Mohammed Etaki, Maed Asfour, Kim Zimmermann, Mareike Lorch, Dario Smigulan, Luca Michels, Loiy Qwasmi, Antje Ollhoff