Amin Adelzadeh

Amin Adelzadeh is an architect, educator, and researcher investigating data interface for the automated structural analysis of digitally prefabricated timber structures. Prior to joining Digital Timber Construction group (DTC) at TU Kaiserslautern, he was a Lecturer in Architecture at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at University of Mazandaran (UMZ) in Iran. Before joining UMZ, he was a Research Intern at Department of Design and a Teaching Assistant at the School of Architecture and Construction Engineering (AUIC) at Politecnico Di Milano in Milan. He has taught design studios, seminars, and CAD-CAM workshops, and held lectures and presentations in Italy and abroad. His works and researches have also been widely exhibited at various galleries, institutions, and exhibitions. Previously, Amin has been the curator of “2019 UMZ Architecture” and “Digital Architecture and Advanced Construction” lecture series at University of Mazandaran where he moderated a number of conversations and discussions. He holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture from the AUIC at Politecnico Di Milano in Milan and has been the recipient of several merit-based scholarships.

Geometric design, Computational design, Digital fabrication, Robotic timber manufacturing, Performative tectonics, Timber structures, Wood architecture