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Journal Paper: Robeller, C., & Von Haaren, N. (2020). Recycleshell: Wood-only Shell Structures Made From Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Production Waste. Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, 61(2), 125-139.

Abstract: The article describes a new construction system for shell structures made from door- and window cut-offs resulting from cross laminated timber (CLT) production lines. For the first time, form-fitting fasteners made of beech laminated veneer lumber are used in a shell made of engineered wood plates, enabling a particularly simple, fast and precise construction. The efficient planning and production of a multitude of differently shaped elements is made possible by a CAD plug-in developed by the authors. The article presents the general application possibilities and limitations of the system, as well as the case study of a shell demonstrator with a span of 12 meters, built from 229 hexagonal plates. A detailed structural analysis is presented for the demonstrator, including an experimental load test to confirm the FEM results.

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