• DH1 2018 Pavilion. Allper Sefer, Sören Rathgeber, Fabrice Iradukunda.

Digital Timber Class (M.Sc. Architecture)

The Digital Timber Construction course is offering in depth experimentation with digital fabrication technology, as part of an elective specialization which students can choose based on their personal preferences in their Masters of Architecture (M.Sc. Architecture). The class runs in the spring and winter semester. In the winter semester, individual students are focusing on a common architectural design task. Depending on the annually changing topic, a construction material, assembly method, fabrication technology may be fixed for the design task, while other parameters remain free to choose for the students. The chosen topic is supported by invited expert critics, as well as visits to nearby industry partners and built example projects. In this “design competition” style winter semester class, the most promising proposal will be chosen from a jury of expert critics during the end of semester review.