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Work place abroad

A work place abroad?

Definitely! Due to the progressive globalization of companies, more and more employers attach importance to university graduates gaining work experience during their studies.  By doing a work placement abroad, students show that they are flexible and able to master living in an unfamiliar cultural environment and deal with any language difficulties well. A work placement abroad offers an opportunity to acquire the desired experience abroad without losing too much time, partly in the semester holidays.  

Work placements in Europe

With the EU Lifelong Learning programme students in the Erasmus programme can do a work placement in Europe.  The EU Service Point is responsible for the area work placements for students.  

Work placements worldwide

Support programms: within the framework of the DAAD programme PROMOS (programme for the mobility of German undergraduates and Ph.D.students).




AIESEC/IAESTE in Kaiserslautern:


Carl Duisberg Centren (insb. Sprachreisen):

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