05.09.2019, Kaiserslautern: Can we use digital technology to make high-tech structures from waste material? The production of modern cross-laminated timber (CLT) walls creates a large […]


HexBox Canopy

16.8.2019, Sydney: Wedge-joints are ideal connectors for wood and have been used in traditional handcrafted woodworking for centuries. The diagonal shape of the wedge allows […]


Sydney Workshop SS2019

12.8.2019-16.8.2019, Sydney: The DTC team from TU Kaiserslautern and the Code-to-production team from the University of Sydney organised a collaborative workshop on digital timber construction […]


Architecture Studio SS2019

09.07.2019, Landau: The DTC architecture studio students presented their proposals for the project “Lunette 41 – Musée en Plein Air” at the “Museum und Archiv […]


Lecture at

28.5.2019, Hannover: As part of the integrated woodworking section of the new, Christopher Robeller will be presenting the work of DTC as well as […]


SDMA Workshop

5.-6.4.2019, Düsseldorf: DTC participates in the SDMA conference for digital methods in architecture. A workshop will be led by DTC tutors Valentin Viezens and Felix […]


Architecture Studio WS1819

DTC Architecture Design Studio Fall Semester 18/19: Rudolf Steiner School Auditorium Digital fabrication technology and digital design tools for timber constructions have become much easier […]


5G Smart City

Article in DER SPIEGEL 23/2019: Link Article in Rheinpfalz: Link 6.2.2019, Kaiserslautern: Wooden 5G smart poles to Kaiserslautern as the first city in the world? […]


Video: CLT Shell on the PBA3

DTC proudly presented its latest work at the 24. Internationales Holzbau-Forum. Thanks to a cooperation with Hans Hundegger AG, we can now produce the CLT […]


Conference Co-Chair of RCA18

27.-28.9.2018, TU Kaiserslautern: / As part of the DFG funded RCA2018 | International Conference on cross-disciplinary research in architecture, the DTC group co-chaired the conference and moderated two paper […]


Timberdome Prototype

29.08.2018, Klagenfurt: A Segmental Plate Shell built from Cross-Laminated Timber, quickly and precisely assembled without any steel connectors and without a support structure? Shell structures […]

External Lectures

Workshop at UQ Brisbane

23.-24.7.2018, UQ Brisbane, Centre of Future Timber Structures: In this continuing professional development course, Joe Gattas, Kim Baber (UQ Brisbane) and Christopher Robeller (DTC Kaiserslautern) […]


Architecture Studio SS2018

15.06.2018 Kaiserslautern: This spring semester, our DTC architecture studio class made proposals for a summer pavilion to be built on the campus of the faculty […]

External Lectures

Workshop at Politecnico Milano

5.7.2018, Politecnico Milano / Indexlab – DTC participated in the Indexlab Digital Design and Production in Architecture 2018 event with a workshop and lecture. The […]

External Lectures

Keynote at ROBinWOOD Symposium

14.6.2018, UFG Linz – Christopher Robeller will be giving a keynote lecture at the ROBinWOOD Symposium at UFG Linz in Austria, on the 14th of […]


The DTC group is an interdisciplinary team of architects, structural engineers and computer scientists. We are exploring, researching and teaching innovative architecture and structural systems with wood and engineered wood products, enabled by digital technology and computational methods. Located at one of Europes largest forests, the faculty of architecture at TU Kaiserslautern and its Science T-Lab research group are specialised in timber construction, including a new 5-axis CNC center which has opened in 2018.


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