Seminar Forest Cabin WS2020

17.2.2020, Kaiserslautern: In the winter semester of 2020, DTC students developed innovative concepts for small shelter huts in the palatinate forest, in close collaboration with […]


Final Thesis WS2020

08.02.2021, Kaiserslautern: In the Winter Semester of 2020, DTC supervised several “Final Thesis” projects, which are either a Masters thesis or a Diploma Thesis. Some […]

External Lectures

Circular Systems Symposium

10.12.2020, Eindhoven: Christopher Robeller will be speaking about the role of digital fabrication for sustainable buildings, at the Circular Systems for the Built Environment Symposium […]

External Lectures

Lecture at HTWK Leipzig

25.11.2020, Leipzig: Many thanks to HTWK Leipzig and Prof. Dr. Alexander Stahr from the FLEX.htwk research group for their invitation, it was a pleasure to […]

External Lectures

Jury Member Prêmio IBRAMEM

23.11.2020, São Paulo: Thanks to Núcleo da Madeira São Paulo and the organising committee of the bi-annual timber construction awards of Brazil “Prêmio IBRAMEM de […]


Architecture Studio SS2020

07.07.2020, Johanniskreuz: In the summer semester of 2020, our architecture studio team has been developing concepts to revive the “forest house Schwarzsohl”, a remote hut […]


Seminar Pinjarra SS2020

06.07.2020 Kaiserslautern. This week, students of the DTC seminar “Pinjarra Hills Canopy” – in Cooperation with Dr. Joe Gattas and Kim Baber from the University […]

DTC Architecture Studio, Project Ecolab, WS2019

Architecture Studio WS1920

04.02.2020, Landau: This fall semester, our students of the DTC architecture studio at TU Kaiserslautern developed concepts for the project “Ecolab Eusserthal”, a new building […]



05.09.2019, Kaiserslautern: Can we use digital technology to make high-tech structures from waste material? The production of modern cross-laminated timber (CLT) walls creates a large […]


HexBox Canopy

16.8.2019, Sydney: Wedge-joints are ideal connectors for wood and have been used in traditional handcrafted woodworking for centuries. The diagonal shape of the wedge allows […]


Sydney Workshop SS2019

12.8.2019-16.8.2019, Sydney: The DTC team from TU Kaiserslautern and the Code-to-production team from the University of Sydney organised a collaborative workshop on digital timber construction […]


Architecture Studio SS2019

09.07.2019, Landau: The DTC architecture studio students presented their proposals for the project “Lunette 41 – Musée en Plein Air” at the “Museum und Archiv […]


Lecture at

28.5.2019, Hannover: As part of the integrated woodworking section of the new, Christopher Robeller will be presenting the work of DTC as well as […]


SDMA Workshop

5.-6.4.2019, Düsseldorf: DTC participates in the SDMA conference for digital methods in architecture. A workshop will be led by DTC tutors Valentin Viezens and Felix […]


Architecture Studio WS1819

DTC Architecture Design Studio Fall Semester 18/19: Rudolf Steiner School Auditorium Digital fabrication technology and digital design tools for timber constructions have become much easier […]

Talks, Workshops, Events

25.03.2020 – Online Lecture, Yasar University
24.03.2020 – Online Lecture, buildingSMART
10.12.2020 – Circular Systems Symposium
30.11.2020 – Online Lecture, TU Innsbruck
25.11.2020 – Reihe Positionen, HTWK Leipzig
18.11.2020 – Online Lecture, GCD TU Wien
17.11.2020 – Online Lecture, UC Berkeley
04.11.2020 – Online Lecture, Chalmers
postponed – Nucleo Madeira, São Paulo
postponed – Forum Intelligentes Bauen, Köln
19.09.2020 – eCAADe Session Chair, Berlin
postponed – Fachseminar Dach, Frankfurt
postponed – Future Timber Hub, UQ Brisbane
06.09.20 –
Holzbaunetzwerk Live Seminar
18.06.20 –
Performance Network Seminar
postponed –
Nexus Conference Chair
postponed –
Forum Wood Spain, Pamplona
postponed –
HIZ Zeltweg
31.10.19 –
Wood – Nature’s Key, Tallinn
22.10.19 –
SWR Television, 18:15-18:45
25.09.19 –
Forum Wood Nordic, Helsinki
16.08.19 –
University of Sydney CPD
28.05.19 –, Hannover
10.05.19 –
BarCamp Inno4wood, Kempten
09.05.19 –
ETH Zurich
05.04.19 –
SDMA at PBSA Dusseldorf
17.01.19 –
BAU 2019, Munich
06.12.18 –
Int. Forum Holzbau, Garmisch
12.11.18 –
Arch & Computation, Gothenburg
08.11.18 –
Innochain Conf., Copenhagen
29.08.18 –
Int. Holzmesse Klagenfurt
23.07.18 –
Future Timber, UQ Brisbane
19.07.18 –
SUTD EPD, Singapore
05.07.18 –
Indexlab, Politecnico Milano
14.06.18 –
ROBinWOOD Symp., UFG Linz
28.05.18 –
Dfab Symposium, TUM
26.04.18 –
Karelia Symposium, UEF Kuopio
21.03.18 –
Interview JABS Journal, AIJ Kyoto
24.01.18 –
Lab. Navier, ENPC ParisTech


Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller

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Dr. Hamed Karimian
M.Sc. Felix Schmidt-Kleespies

Student Assistants
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Dominik Diehl
Enrico Valentino Tagliaboschi

Dipl.-Ing. Robin Lang
Dipl.-Ing. Simon Schmitt


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