Seminar Forest Cabin WS2020

17.2.2020, Kaiserslautern: In the winter semester of 2020, DTC students developed innovative concepts for small shelter huts in the palatinate forest, in close collaboration with the state department of forestry Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz and their sustainability infocenter “Haus der Nachhaltigkeit” in Johanniskreuz. A big thanks for their great support throughout the semester.

Download: PDF Booklet published by HdN Johanniskreuz and Landesforsten RLP

Team 1: Lisa-Marie Monreal, Franziska Meichel, Louise Bastin, Luca Michels, Katharina Prüfer, Philip Neukam, Lennart Wagner, Anna Stephani, Joscha Langendorf

These “forest cabins” should serve as a showcase of innovative wood architecture, directly in the forest where our wood comes from. Seven locations in the forest were chosen, in all of these places there are currently existing shelters from the 1960s and 1970s, which are in bad condition and need to be replaced.

Team 9: Cihangir Kazan, Raphael Schmitz, Leo Konrad, Mareike Lorch, Rozelin Güner, Marie Schu, Eileen Scheider, Siyabend Altay

The small size of the buildings would allow for a realisation without special building permissions. very helpful advice and information was provided by the local forest managers and communities.

Team 3: Julia Poloz, Rabea Knoth, Jorge Garcia, Anna Jakobs, Jana Wesely, Jason Ackerman, Saskia Isabel Sauers, Ernst Rauska, Corinna Kollert

The teams developed a wide variety of designs and concepts, building upon ideas such as reciprocal frames, hyperbolic shells, or round wood construction.

Team 2, Paul Kullmann, Jonas Kümmel, Thomas Hunkel, Felix Sonnenberg, Natascha Dreyer, Lina Kieser, Olha Senkiv, Marco Pfeiffer, Lena Glück

A very essential improvement over the existing huts was to bring in more natural light, since the new huts should perform as friendly and inviting spaces which attract visitors, beyond the performance as a shelter for bad weather.

Team 8: Artur Avanesjan, Jörg Wagner, Lisa-Marie Höfer, Salina Damer, Nicole Luzina, David Schick, Marisol Stahl Valerio

The project was an invitation to think about the possibilities of digital fabrication, but also about biodiversity in our forests and the great variety of local wood species and their particular properties. Technology and creativity are the key to access the full potential of this resources.